I yearn to be a free-spirit.
Without boundaries.
Help me make it happen?

Faith. Life. Love. Peace. Positivity. Happiness. Earth. Music. Dance. Art. Travel. Fly.

i am talkative.
i am loud.
i am kind.

i love to read.
i love to write.
i love to share.

a bit different everyday.
a work in progress.
a living abstract.

i am high.
i am happily ruined.
i am in beautiful chaos.

because you only see what i choose to let you see.
and i certainly don't give a damn like i used to.
but i'm still in constant search for the unknown.

sometimes, i express myself better in writing than in speaking.
sometimes, there are no words to fully explain how i feel.
sometimes, i make perfect sense by not making sense at all.
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Made With Paper

Inspired by my favorite wallpaper. Finally.❤ Creative juices kicked in again. Hopefully, I’ll get better.

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